The Way We Work

The Way We Work

The Way We Work

Together we’ll build a kickass product that reaches your goals.

Together we’ll build a kickass product that reaches your goals.

Your goals are our goals. Together we’ll discover what your customers want and we’ll get a product into their hands as soon as possible. We believe the combination of quantitative data and human contact has a powerful impact on product design and the lives of your customers.

You have an idea. That's great! But what's next? 

Are you looking to build your first product?  Perhaps you're looking for an experienced team with whom you can build on your idea. We can help with that! Our process allows us to learn what your customers truly want. We start by building something small, but quickly! Get it into the hands of the customers as soon as possible and then learn, test, experiment, iterate, expand, grow and BAM! You’ve got a kickass product in 2 months time.


01 Kick off 🏈

This is when we plan the sprints. Sprints are what they sound like: Short periods of time in which we get a lot done. Each sprint has a dedicated team that works intensively on the project. Each team member fulfills a specific role. That includes you!

02 Getting insights from the target audience 👩‍👩‍👧‍👦

This is when we gather insights about your target audience so that we can effectively start thinking about what your product will look like. We do this by doing desk research, field research, user interviews and by running smoke tests.

03 Building and testing prototypes 🛠

With structured workshops, we define the key features of your product and we start building prototypes, making test plans and testing with your target audience. We iterate the prototypes based on what we learn.

04 Validating in the market 🔥

Here we test the product on a bigger group through channels like social media campaigns, flyers, or phone calls…basically wherever your users are.

05 Building your first product 🏡

We build the first version of your product with existing tools so that we can build fast! This version will contain only what is necessary to function and to solve the problem of your customers. This results in a minimal viable product (MVP).

You already have your product but you want to improve.

Do you already have a product and are you ready to reach the next level with your business.  Maybe you’re realizing that your customers are behaving differently and you want to find new ways to meet their needs. We’d love to team up with you on this.

We have a lot of experience with transforming products and helping them grow. We can help you strategize and explore new territories, platforms, and technologies.


06 Making a plan with clear goals 🚀

We start out by determining what your goals are, defining product metrics and making a product roadmap. This answers the question: Where do you want to be in 5 years and what do we need to do right now to get there?

07 Finding new territories 🗺

With UXers and developers, we explore new territories, platforms, and technologies that will transform and extend the lifespan of your product.

08 Implementing your new vision  🏰

Now we build! With a multidisciplinary team of developers, UXers, visual designers and more we start building. The goal is to make changes that are data-driven and to validate our assumptions by testing each iteration.

Our process is a continuous back and forth between discovery and production phases that we execute in a Scrum framework. We house the talent, expertise and skills to successfully execute these phases.


Discovery phases consist of a lot of UX research and the exploration of the technologies that we can use to implement ideas for product solutions. We work Agile and apply Design Thinking methods.

User Interviews
Low-Fi Prototyping
Smoke Testing


In production phases we implement the product solutions in an iterative way with multidisciplinary teams that work together closely to make the most impact in a short amount of time.

UX & UI Design
Brand Strategy
Visual Design
Image Recognition
Android & iOS Development
Front- & Backend Development
Collage_How (tinyfied)

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