Innovating health care. 

We support good health care of patients, workers and children.

Good health care is a basic neccessity and therefore it's an important focus of a number of our projects and partnerships. We support health care professionals (amongst others) with digital products that truly improve work practices and the well-being of patients as well as childrena nd workers. 

Selected works

The MediRol helps you to manage your medication. The app is for people who take a number of medications at different times of the day.   Website →

Hoi Dokter is an app that helps families with young children prepare, support and process a hospital visit. 


Healthy Workers

Healthy Workers believes in improving the health and well-being of the working force. We create green and healthy offices with active, happy workers. How? By working to improve your food, body, mind, and surroundings. The dashboard lets you monitor the results in real time, and gives the insights you need to make continuous improvements.

Website →