The most important people in the world.

We love to help with strategy, concepting and creation of apps, websites, teaching materials and publications for children, families, schools and museums.

Familie van Fonk is a team at Fonk that focuses on the smallest people in the world and how we can make things that help them see, learn and play. Children remind us how we all should want to be. We love working for them because we think they are the most important people in the world. Important, because soon this world will be theirs.

We admire children for their openness and creativity, we want their world to be a good one. The products we make help children find their strengths. And we like to inspire, not only children, but also their family, friends and schools.


At Familie van Fonk we focus mostly on Dutch children, so our website is in Dutch too, don’t be startled!

Selected work

Connecting kids with family and friends. When Goodnews pitched the idea to us, we immediately jumped on the Maily-train and invested in this cool project. A beginning of a successful partnership.


Get ready for the hospital together.