Re-inventing the way people do their laundry in a busy world.

We helped Palthe re-imagine their business. During a 12-week sprint we validated an direction, set a new look and feel and built a fully functional MVP.

The Problem
Palthe, a dry cleaning company that has been around since 1873, recognized that they needed to take steps to explore new digitial business oppurtunities due to a shift in their target audience towards online behaviour and a craving for convenient high quality services.

Our Solution
We built and launched a personal laundry delivery service which includes a web based app for desktop and mobile, that's integrated with the systems of a local delivery company. 


For more than two decades  the dry cleaning industry has been a solid one, however due to a shift towards online behaviour of Palthe’s target audience, it became time for digital transformation. That’s where Fonk came in.


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Palthe approached us with the concept of personal pick up and delivery service for laundry. We got to work on validating this idea to see what such a service would look like, who would use it, and whether people would pay for it.

We did a number of proposition tests on different platforms like Facebook. These tests were followed up with interviews. The responses were very positive and gave us valuable insights on how people’s laundry problems could best be solved. Due to limits in time and budget we set out to make a very simple MVP to test our biggest assumptions. We made use of storymapping sessions, which is what we use in our Shape It sprint. In This allowed us to make important decisions about which aspects of the product were essential enough to be rolled out within the first phase. Every member of the team was part of making these decisions: UXers, developers, visual designers, growth hackers and the product owner. 


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A web based app for desktop and mobile was developed that allows customers  to place orders for their laundry to be picked up, washed and dropped off at times that are convenient for them.

Building a native app or a unique website for every device was unnecessary and out of the scope of the time and budget limits of this project so we built a web based app that would work on every device. This allowed us to have a release of the service ready in just a few sprints. 

The visual designers at Fonk also developed a revamped visual branding for Mijn Palthe. The existing style of the Palthe brand did not quite fit in with the mentality of the new proposition. Many of the aspects of the Palthe brand were re-used, but were given a modern twist. The development of the brand identity involved finding the right colours, typography, making a design for the laundry bags and even art directing new photography.



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Bringing the product to market is a gradual process that is still in the works. When the first orders were made, the product owner of Palthe was the one who picked up and delivered the laundry in his car. This was very useful because he was able to get direct feedback from the people using the Mijn Palthe service. The Fonk/Palthe team are releasing updated versions of Mijn Palthe every 2 weeks, incorporating all the feedback and working to automate the service.

MijnPalthe has since been integrated with the local delivery branch of Post NL. Customers have rated the service extremely high with an average of 9.2 out of 10. The service is being scaled up to reach more and more houses and there are plans to expand the service over all of The Netherlands. Clean laundry for everyone!!