Innovating the dry cleaning industry

Time to innovate 

Palthe is a traditional dry cleaning company that saw the industry changing around them and decided to change with it by teaming up with us to bring around digital transformation at Palthe. This was done by developing the platform Mijn Palthe, a personal laundry delivery service. The Über of laundry, if you will (because every new product has to be the Über of something right? 😉

We have embarked on this journey with dry cleaning company Palthe and have come a long way, taking great steps to transform them into the frontrunner of the dry cleaning industry. 

We began this process by pinpointing oppurtunities in the market with validation tests. This was all about deeply understanding the problem that this product might solve. We needed to find out whether this product solved a problem big enough for people to use it and pay for it? 

The validation tests on Facebook, offered valuable responses. It seemed that the problem of luandry was a universal one for a specific target group. Time to work on building the service: Mijn Palthe. 

An important part of this was to not  build a full fledged product just yet. Instead we incorporated the things that are truly necessary for this service to function. This way we could test and iteratire quickly. This process involved storymapping; thinking out the entire user journey in post its. 

Our UXers, designers and developers we were able to come to the first BETA-version of the product (a web based app for desktop and mobile) that has launched at the beginning of September. Biweekly sprints are helping us to incorporate all the feedback and automate the service. 

We are currently in the last mile of this project and Mijn Palthe has been getting great feedback!