Refugees helping local non-profits

NewBees is an online platform matching refugees looking for a volunteer position, internship or job to local organizations looking for skilled people. This way refugees get acquinted with the Dutch culture and get a start on building up their resume here in The Netherlands.

NewBees photoNewBees photo

The approach

To avoid lengthy research processes and a solution that doesn't work, we tested the design in a prototype first to confirm our assumptions. We started off with research by going to the NewBees organisation and interviewing a few people in the target group. By talking to the target group we figured out what they are used to when using (web)apps, what languages they speak/write and how they communicate with the NewBees organisation.

NewBees-Preso-21dec16 (dragged)NewBees-Preso-21dec16 (dragged)

What does/doesn't work?

We tested the screens by using a clickable prototype with the target group. It gave interesting insights in how they use the form: 

  • Not everyone chooses their native language when using the form
  • Not all of the NewBees have/use e-mail so filling in a phone number is mandatory and used to communicate with them 
  • In Arabic text is read from right to left. This means that the progression bar on top should fill from right to left
  • Filling in their educational level is complicated because it differs per country
  • For filling in their work experience we just had one field and this wasn't enough. They felt the need to add more work experience so that they have a bigger chance of getting hired
  • We had a screen to show they already filled in half of the form, but they didn't read it and skipped it
grotehero newbeesgrotehero newbees

We used the insights to create a multi-language platform with a form that refugees can fill in and create their own profile that can be used when applying in The Netherlands. 

When a NewBee (i.e. the refugee) has worked at an NGO, they get a reference from that NGO on their NewBees profile to improve it. Afterwards they can use their profile as a resume for applying for an internship or job.


Helping with a start

The organisation of NewBees helps a lot of refugees in The Netherlands to gather work experience and building up their resume. We're helping them by creating a small tool to make it easier for refugees to register on the platform and build up their resume.