Empowering healthcare professionals for innovative patient care.

MediCheck helps healthcare employees to do their job better and faster, so they have more time and attention left for the actual patient. The digital platform is used to keep everyone in the healthcare organisation updated about the situation of a patients medication. A big issue in the healthcare industry is the limited time that healthcare employees can spend per patient. Thanks to this, dangerous situations occur and patients get less personal attention. MediCheck tries to improve this situation.

Clear communication

Professionals working in the healthcare industry know very well how to do their job. Unfortunately until now there was a lack of good communication tools. Everything was printed on physical paper, which is easy to lose and hard to share. Solving this problem is at the core of the MediCheck product. MediCheck gives everyone involved in the conversation a tool that is custom fitted to their situation.

Medication (2)Medication (2)

Digital registration and medication overview

To keep a well maintained log of the condition of a patient and their medication, all the medication moments are digitally logged by the healthcare employees.

Double check on high risk meds

Healthcare employees help each other by double checking on dosages of high risk medicines. This happens in an efficient way by taking a photo that is checked by another employee that is working at the same moment.

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