From true needs come great products.

No matter what kind of project we are working on, we hold true to the standard of improving everyday life. We work on projects that help people.

All of our projects revolve around the themes we care about:



We love working for (and with!) children because we think that they are the most important people in the world. Together we craft beautiful products for children, parents, schools and museums.

We value good health care. We love to work on projects that empower people to improve the care of others, whether it’s health professionals caring for their patients or parents caring for their children. 

A number of our projects have the aim of solving the big problems of society and facilitating others to do the same. A lofty goal perhaps, but we recognize that even small steps towards a better world are important steps, so we try to play our part. That’s why a number of our projects are foundations. 

We work with founders and partners to create products to measure and improve employee wellbeing and company culture.