We fall in love with the problem. 

Through deep understanding of the needs and problems of users, we help start-ups make great prototypes and products.

In our start-up studio we invest in seed and early-stage digital start-ups. We love to work with start-ups that share our values. We offer them a financial investment, a technical infrastructure, a temporary team with the necessary skills and an energizing environment to give digital entrepreneurs the highest possibility to succeed. 

How we do it

We always start by gathering insights. Our research is all about getting to know the target group. This process is about much more than gathering a list of demographics. It is about gaining empathy by truly understanding the problem. We embed ourselves in people's problems. We get to know the users dreams, challenges, frustrations, pitfalls. We don't ask them for the sollutions to their problems, we fall in love with the problem and then offer a sollution. 

02 Prototyping 

When we truly understand the problem we start prototyping. We are experts at making prototypes that help gain valuable insights without waisting funds, time and energy. Prototyping is about experimenting. We start with lo-fi prototypes (think paper!) and build our way up to medium-fi and hi-fi as we see what is working for the target group. The outcome is a minimum viable prodcut (MVP) that implements all the insights we have gahtered on the way. 

We don't like throwing things out so we work Lean. We measure as soon as possible if our sollution can be validated. We dive into the lives of the users and learn what works and what doesn't. Then we iterate! Our entire process is about cocreation with the target group. The users input is by far the most valuable! 

Selected works

The Fixico platform offers users a new way of finding the best deal for the needed repairs by providing them with valuable insights in quality, price and service levels, while garages get a more direct way to interact with their potential customers.

3D about me lets you create a 3d scan of your feet giving you your exact size in millimeters. With your 3d profile you can order shoes on a webshop. Your foot is compared to all possible sizes of the shoe and suggests the best size for you. 

Our investments

Connecting kids with family and friends. When Goodnews pitched the idea to us, we immediately jumped on the Maily-train and invested in this cool project. A beginning of a successful partnership.

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We’ve probably all made decisions based on TripAdvisor ratings in the past. Now we make decisions based on the recommendations of our friends and influencers. That’s where Flamyngo comes in – delivering the best curated travel experience.


MyMiniStars is the solution to the thousands of unorganised family photos on your phone. It's an iPhone app that allows families to collect all the family highlights and milestones in one place and to simply create a beautiful photo album. 

Case page

Third is a one-stop solution for accepting payments globally and splitting the income between multiple parties. The solution is ideal for webshops, intermediaries and marketplaces.


Nobody should order the wrong size product when shopping online! There is only one way to get a reliable size advice while online shopping for shoes!  Use your own 3D scan of your feet and we’ll fit them into the 3D shoe you’re looking for.


Meet the glasses that are as unique as you are. Every pair is made to measure, by and for you, guaranteeing a perfect fit and match for your personality. Roger Bacon, Yours.


Speak with your hands! Learn simple hand gestures to communicate with your child from the age of eight months.


Get ready for the hospital together.


Tabster is the best way to share a tab with friends and paying your share of it. The tabster app makes a magical connection with the cash register in a bar or cafe. 


Voiila is on a mission to make more and better connections between professionals and customers, to help both sides explore their potential in life. Therefor we let you find the best professionals recommended by the people you trust.


Crafter is a great way to digitalise a company’s sales force. The result: a significant decrease in paperwork and an increase in the quality of customer service!