We are more than a digital product studio. 

We invest our time and energy in projects that match up with our values and ideals.

Selected works

Matthijs Kamstra (mck) is our Hacker in Residence which means he has been allocated time to spend on making his art next to being one of the Fonky developers. The making of this art has no framework and no boundaries which means that Matthijs has the freedom to take his work in any direction. Cool stuff happens when a creative person is given the freedom to play with technology. 

Hoi Dokter is one of our independetly developed products. It's an app that helps families with young children prepare, support and process a hospital visit.

The Fonk Blog is where we showcase our projects and introduce people and processes to you. We also share cool ideas that we think you should know about. So to stay up to date on Fonky news and cool new ideas and projects, read along on the Fonk Blog.