Employees are king.

So we make sure they are happy.

Without happy employees, there is no culture

Remember the time when conglomerates and huge corporates ruled the world? When Office Space was an actual depiction of the reality. Those company cultures consist of hierarchy, bureaucracy and cubicles. Well those ways of working are over. 

Companies that are winning a lot of terrain use new processes like the build measure learn cycle. Those companies have a fresh culture by using a more bottom-up approach instead of a top-down one. 

Changing that is easier said than done though, that’s why there is a craving need for products that steer the companies ways of working. At the Start-up Studio we empower companies to make kings out of their employee's .  

Selected works

Micro incubator program

For new ways of working, refreshing minds are needed. That’s why we worked together with upcoming talent from the university of applied sciences on measuring and improving company culture. 

At Fonk we have three new colleagues: Herman Brood bot who helps us with groceries, Jack Hauwer bot who helps us with our time-management and our new Mexican bot which is written with help of IBM's Watson. Machine learning, bots and using context are clearing the way for unexplored territory. Exploring that terrain is something new for all of us. It’s a small step for conversations, but a giant leap for communication.

We partnered with

Fortify partners with founders to build winning startup teams. As former athletes they naturally focus on continuous progression and connection within teams. With the Fortify Team Scan we craft a gap analysis by using Artificial Intelligence.

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Healthy workers

Healthy Workers believes in improving the health and well-being of the working force. We create green and healthy offices with active, happy workers. How? By working to improve your food, body, mind, and surroundings. The dashboard lets you monitor the results in real time, and gives the insights you need to make continuous improvements.


Voiila is on a mission to make more and better connections between professionals and customers, to help both sides explore their potential in life. Therefor we let you find the best professionals recommended by the people you trust.

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